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creativity & collaboration: best practices :  examples of programs and projects that are developing active research collaborations across disciplines:

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an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education
by Elizabeth Long Lingo and Steven J Tepper:

The Creative Campus: Time for a ‘C’ Change

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welcome – ‘the creativity initiative’

17 Oct 2010 In: Official Announcements

This is the website of ‘the Creativity Initiative’, a project, initiated by Michigan State University, that centers on research on creative processes, across the arts and sciences.  The site is one component of the project itself, and is connected to a broader set of online tools, platforms, and venues of discussion.

This website will act as the primary platform for disseminating and communicating the work of the Creativity Initiative.  The site will feature discussion of research on creative processes, of all types, across the arts and sciences, and it will provide a means to document and disseminate research findings and dialogue centered on those creative processes. The site will also provide  a forum for sharing information about funding proposals and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Each of the five research clusters has its own autonomous set of resources, dialogues, best practices, and funding opportunities, and it is anticipated that there will often be overlapping concerns and projects on which various clusters will work collaboratively, and some researchers will play active roles in several of the clusters, as dictated by the needs of their inquiry and subject matter.

We welcome those from within and without the MSU community to comment on, and participate in, the broader conversation about the nature and role of creativity.


Prof. Mark Sullivan
Executive Program Director

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