Creative Processes and Teaching

This page is an ongoing collation of work being done in the Creative Processes and Teaching Cluster. This includes areas of common interest; grant activity and opportunities, creativity in teaching research and practice, creativity assessments, and meeting notes.

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Based on the November kick-off meeting we identified some key areas of interest.

Areas of Common Interest/Future Projects:

  • Defining Creativity in Teaching and Learning: Disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary
  • Assessment: Creative assessment and assessment of creativity (see list at the end of this page for the start of such a bibliography)
  • Informal Learning Environments
  • Creative Teaching Practice


Grant Activity and Opportunities

This page details past grant applications, on-going applications, and future grant opportunities.


Creativity and Teaching Research

Creativity Bibliography (on Mendeley)

The creativity bibliography is a cross-cluster project designed to gather and provide references for anyone interested in creativity literature and research.  The group is open to all and we encourage anyone with a particular interest area not covered in the current literature to add references to the collective.

Creativity Assessment

This page includes references and resources directly related to creat(-e, -ity) assessments and links to the on-going Creativity Assessment Table which details known assessments of creativity and provides information such as intended use, intended demographic, and a brief description of the measure.


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Meeting Notes

10/18/10 Meeting Notes

2/22/11 Meeting Notes


Upcoming Meetings: